Karen A. Dombrowski-Sobel

4871 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

FOR THE TOUR ONLY. Thistle Galleries.

Life is about energy and vibration. I create art and jewelry to raise vibrations. From painting and photographic art ( www.kadsphoto.com ) to crystal healing jewelry, crystal feng shui mobiles (www.jewelryandpendulums.com ), I use every tool I know of to raise the vibration of my space and yours to a higher energy level.

At my Open Studio Tour you will see my mixed media pieces and I will show you how to use your photographs to create unique, one of a kind pieces using various media.

My biggest concern is for the environment around us, so I wrote the educational and entertaining book, “Trees Speak; Healing Ourselves and the Planet” ( www.treesspeak.com )

I have a large line of art cards designed with my photographs and paintings.

Painting, Photography, Jewelry

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