Karen A. Dombrowski-Sobel

2804 16th St, Boulder, CO 80304

My works are diverse. I am a gallery exhibited, award winning fine art photographer. Living a creative life in sync with nature and the present moment is what I do. Sometimes that means I play with paint, sometimes I play with crystals. I am an accomplished interior designer, a healing crystal jewelry designer and a painter. I have been creating photographic art for over 40 years.

My joy comes from my walks in nature, engaging with people, contemplating life and creating tangible items to help other people see and feel that joy. My work reflects the beauty that I would like people to notice in the world. It might be a beautiful expression on a face, a bee on a flower, a tree starting to bloom or a majestic landscape.

Trees have become my focus for the past 15 years. They represent to me the ability to be in the Earth, and still reach for the heavens while giving unceasingly. Because of their importance in our lives, I created the book, "Trees Speak, Healing Ourselves and Our Planet" using my photographic images and important information about trees and our environment. It is a teaching tool and a book to be savored by everyone who cares about our planet.

I have collected crystals and gemstones throughout my life and create wearable art so that people can experience the healing qualities of these gifts of nature.

“Raising Earth Consciousness Through Art”

Painting, Photography, Jewelry

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