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Michael Deragisch

Sculpture/Wood/Metal, Mobiles

1290 Norwood Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

From Downtown Boulder go north on Broadway, turn right (east) on Norwood. 1290 Norwood is one block from Broadway on the south side of the street

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I have been building mobiles since my high school art classes, but began professionally in the early part of the 21st century.  I enjoy most forms of art this wonderful world provides us…from live theater, to music which warms and enriches my life every day, to creative visual art…both two and three dimensional. I enjoy movement and kinetic activities such as skiing and bicycling.

Most of us understand Calder to be the father of the art form now known as mobiles, but I would suggest early homo-sapiens all around the globe created various forms of kinetic art. 

While many of Calders’ works are large in scale and designed for public display, mostly in museums or public gardens, my mobiles are designed for the individual art enthusiast. My pieces vary in size from about a foot in each direction to over eight feet.  Mobiles are unique and may not be for everyone, but they may be for you, and your interior environment! Hung and lit well they provide a primary visceral experience while offering a tertiary art display of moving shadows.

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