Lamya Deeb

6680 Paiute Ct, Niwot, CO 80503

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When painting the landscape, which I do primarily on location, my aim is to convey an emotional connection to a special, often magical moment and place. Nature is my refuge, and its beauty, my inspiration. I lean toward a minimalist composition in many of my landscapes, dancing the line between realism and abstraction. Painting on location, soaking up the surroundings with my senses, I delight in experimentation, luscious color harmonies, and dynamic brush and knife work in the painting process.

I take a similar approach to my still-life subjects, attempting to capture the character and vitality that I see in them. I most enjoy painting florals, and objects that seem to have a story behind them. Some of these works are quite impressionistic, others are painted in a more refined, realistic manner, depending on the subject and my feeling toward it.

In all of my paintings I seek a balance of strength and delicacy, playful exuberance and sensitivity, and to paint with abundance of heart and soul.


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