Alissa Davies

Studio #121

325 S 41st St, Boulder, CO 80305

I am interested in the ways that the art-making process reveals effective methods and tools for navigating the life-making process. The messages include and are not limited to: staying open to the unknown, staying with the ugly stages of a painting (and of life), being curious and exploratory, relishing in beauty and harmony, risking, and knowing when to stop.

My paintings emerge from an intuitive place, intermingling with my knowledge of color theory, composition, and painting techniques. Each piece is generated spontaneously, taking cues from my inner world and what I am drawn to in the moment. Finding flow is what my creative process is based in, while paying homage to painting "rules" that make a piece interesting to a viewers eye. As a painting progresses I am interested in the interplay of form and the harmony of colors, while staying true to the organic forming of shapes and textures. Play, experimentation, movement and curiosity guide my process.

Currently, I am also involved in a dance form that is all about the breathe, about movement coming from an internal place and about the vulnerability of being human. This exploration has guided my visual art in new directions. How to stay true to the moment and not override with an active mind and how to remain vulnerable and authentic to what is happening in my body. I see the continual intermingling of movement and painting as exciting terrain to continue exploring, studying how the two can inform and play off one another.


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