Judith Dack

2770 7th Street, Boulder, CO 80304

Rear entrance

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Each time I create a work of art, it is as if I write another chapter in my Sippur Nafshi, Hebrew for the story of my soul. Art becomes a way to express my personal narrative where the nexus of my passion for creativity, emotional intensity, and spirituality merge and combust in a vital force that is the fuel of my life. My artist materials are the alchemical resources of my soul’s desire to align with my life as a seeker on a mystical path. Like found treasure I collect discarded objects and breathe life back into them through creativity. When my art is completed, healing occurs inside of me and around me. My eyes see the doorway of prophetic connections, and each time this occurs, I am reunited with The Great Mystery of the Universe. Like a magic carpet ride, my artistic expressions take me to divine destinations previously unknown.

This is the work of an ever evolving woman artist in distress about the desecration of our planet. Use of found objects, rusted and discarded, in a process of renewal and action undergirds and overlays my paintings. These found objects have also been affected by an electrochemical process causing corrosion and rust. I am entranced by this atmospheric process and how it mirrors my own. Layers upon layers, patterns upon patterns, the cycle of destruction moves into renewal. While this takes place all around me, it is the metaphor for my own process too, the process of aging. Time corrodes and discards parts of me. Other parts grow and renew; once again useful, wiser, even more beautiful now under my big Boulder Sky of Wonder.

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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