Terry Crook

Studio #93

1755 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

I have been a ceramic artist for over 40 years. Although I started out as mainly a functional potter, much of my current work is decorative. I specialize in alternative firing techniques such as raku, horesehair land saggar firing. Much of my current work consists of a low fire technique called saggar firing. A saggar is a clay container that I make in which to fire a piece of pottery. I place a burnished and previously fired pot in the saggar, where I have also strategically placed various materials such as copper wire, wood shavings, copper carbonate, copper sulphate, salt, steel wool, and seaweed. I fire this container with the pot and the organic material in it. The piece that results is a lovely blend of deliberateness and spontaneity with a hint of landscape.The serendipitous nature of these firings models the art we find in our natural world and dramatically demonstrates that pottery is a fire art.


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