Richelle Cripe

5916 Gunbarrel Ave, Boulder, CO 80301

Apartment A

My subjects come from filtering the environment around me. I explore ideas through the process of painting and mark-marking, where each piece holds equal weight regardless of size or materials. I like creating problems to solve. Unbound to a particular style or subject, each series has a set of rules that define the working process. Individual images come together to form a sum greater than the parts; each painting is a fragment of an idea. When placed in the context of other fragments a larger pattern emerges. Systems of information are assembled in an architectonic way, the fragments built one on top of each other, collected, and curated, to separate the signal from the noise.

In the past few years, I’ve moved away from non-representational abstraction to revisit the tradition of landscape painting and investigate how I can make it my own. My landscapes are inspired by the vistas around me but not always “of” a specific place; they are invented amalgamations of landscapes with heightened colors and simplified shapes. Similar to my other work, I make each piece without sketching or preparation and everything from the composition to the color palette is improvised as the work progresses. A teacher once said to me, “The painting will tell you what it needs,” and that has stuck with me ever since. My philosophy in painting regardless of style is the same: don’t try to control too much, let happy accidents happen, and above all, listen to the painting.


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