Don Cox


3063 Sterling Cir, Boulder, CO 80301

Sterling Circle off of Valmont near Post Office.

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Don Cox has been making pots in Boulder since 1995. He shares a studio with other artists at Centercraft Studios in Boulder. Don is a frequent instructor at the Boulder Pottery Lab and at the Boulder Potters Guild. He has been working in clay ever since he took his first ceramics class at Concordia College.

Don creates soda fired pots with floral and animal brushstroke designs painted in different colored slips. Soda firing is a process that is unpredictable and that yields completely unique variations. Don’s designs are inspired by Japanese folk pottery and by Sumi painting. Thrown and Altered stoneware and porcelain with sumie inspired brushwork using slips and stains. Poured, dipped and sprayed glazes. Fired to cone 10 in a Soda atmospheric kiln.

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