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Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? In one of my existential moments I decided that being a potter is about having a life-long conversation with clay. Sometimes it's a lovely long discussion, and sometimes it is a short abrupt argument. The clay usually wins the arguments. She's stubborn that way.


So, how does someone become a potter?  For me, I started my conversation with clay during a high school ceramics class.  My counselor thought I should concentrate on career classes (insert boring math class here), so of course I took Ceramics 101.  In her defense she was half right, I became an accountant to make money and a potter to stay sane.  Now that I am a little older and a lot more retired, the clay and I have a deal. I keep throwing. She lets me win the argument more often than not.


What makes a person stay a potter?  Personally, the process of spinning a form into existence with a little pressure and a little speed appeals to the control freak in me. Finding the complement in color and setting it on fire to make it beautiful and permanent is the treat at the end of the day. It's not work if you love it.


For me, being a potter means always having someone to talk to.  If you listen closely the conversation is rich and rewarding.  If you do all the talking and none of the listening the clay will keep its secrets all to itself.


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