Kyra Coates

Longmont, CO

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I create art that embodies the power of being the architect of my own experience, of spiritual wisdom and the divine feminine as messages to be born in the universe. My art conveys the emotional and psychological experiences of awakening inspired from my years of practicing eastern spiritual traditions of mindfulness and enlightenment. Though this expression is deeply personal, the message is universal to the human experience. My art is not only the story of my own spiritual awakening, but exists to inspire every other person’s story as well.

When I was a child I loved to draw pictures of people. I imagined what I drew birthed a new person somewhere in the world, and I was the architect of their story. I would release my drawings to the wind in the woods behind my house, believing then that person would be born.

I myself felt a victim of the machinations of the great invisible puppeteer that dictated my own life, controlling the people and experiences that came to me, ones I had never agreed to or wanted. I suffered sexual abuse and trauma as a child and grappled with depression and attempted suicide in my early teens.

At the age of 23, I had a profound spiritual experience that turned my world upside-down. This began my long journey of transpersonal exploration, until eventually, all the seeking led me right back to my own mind. I then recognized this “great puppeteer” was merely my own perspective. I am the powerful force that creates my world.

Painting/Oil/Acrylic, Drawing

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