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Wendy Clough

Painting, Drawing, Fiber

103 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

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The theme of my work is animated nature. Both my art dolls and my paintings play with the interconnectedness of humans, animals and nature. Instead of seeing boundaries between ourselves and the natural world, I am looking for ways to blur the edges that can often separate us. For example, trees may have faces, arms and legs, animals may have human features and vice versa, conveying both vulnerability and humor.

My paintings show these characters together in an imaginary landscape, and often show fragments of speech that hint at a narrative. My art dolls are constructed from recovered thrift store clothing and stuffing from old pillows and discarded toys, emphasizing the shared aspect of our world. It’s important to me that a handmade quality shows in my work, with both stitching and the hand drawn line contributing to the organic textures and irregularities found in the natural world.

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