Donna Clement

1129 2nd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501

I have been painting most of my life; most of that time I have created representational artwork much of it photo realism. I have worked in commercial art along with fine art for over 40 years. I create botanical illustrations as seed package artwork, which is very detailed, and having worked in theater as a set designer and scenic artist for 20 years, (now retired), I felt the freedom of using large paint brushes with large gestural strokes. Theater gave me the freedom to put down the 3 hair brushes and experiment further.

Education: I’ve earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, and an MA from the University of Northern Colorado with a specialization in art education.

Viewing exhibits in museums of color field paintings and abstract expressionism excited and inspired me. Walking up to a large color field painting is a religious experience for me; letting the colors envelop me evokes emotion. I was thrilled by The Women’s Abstract Expressionism Show at the Denver Art Museum, and felt that I needed give a lecture educating those who were curious about abstract art and women’s part in it. I also needed to do this after I overheard as many negative comments as positive ones and I knew it was simply that they didn’t understand what they were viewing. I have also created classes on abstract art from the history of abstract art to abstract studio painting classes.

I observe the world around me noticing colors and the play of light on those hues guiding me to my next painting. Experimenting with how colors work together and creating compositions with form, color, texture, and emotion brings me great joy. I predominately paint with oils, sometimes with acrylic backgrounds. I use palette knives and brushes and prefer having thick paint to create different textures with an assortment of tools. I revel in all the ways color and value contrast, can create light.

Painting/Oil,Mixed Media

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