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Alix Christian

Painting/Encaustic, Mixed Media

3305 19th St, Boulder, CO 80304

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Alix Christian lives her art. Working across many mediums, sizes and platforms it's always interesting to see what will grab her next. She has earned a BFA in Graphic Design, an MA in Art History, and an MFA in studio art before teaching art as a college professor in Amarillo, Texas. While working as a freelance designer she won numerous awards including the New York Art Directors Show, Dallas Art Directors Show, a Judges Award and gold and silver addys from the Amarillo Art Directors Show.

Since doing Art in Boulder, she has worked with and taught Encaustic Art, Encaustic Monoprint, Art Journaling, Hand Lettering, Asemic Writing, Watercolor and Drawing and many others classes and processes which frequently show up in her work. 

During the pandemic, she joined in #the100dayproject: chose a 9x9" format on watercolor paper, used acrylic paint, and hand-painted collage paper to create her images. After the 100 images... she is still working with that process, and loves the freedom of it. Next up: oil paint and cold wax painting and more found object sculpture.

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