Jacqueline Chanda

Tucson, Arizona

Juried Artist BPAF 2017

Like many artists I paint things that capture and reflect my interest and sensitivities. These include figurative, landscapes, animals, and still life works. Whether painting people or landscapes I love to do my work from direct observation. In the case of the figurative work, the compositions are generally derived from drawings I have done while observing people. The landscapes or street scenes are most often done directly from nature.

I paint in oils most of the time and particularly when painting outside because I like the effortless movement, looseness and luminescent quality that oil paints provide. I often apply paint with the brush and knife interchangeably to allow me to explore different painterly languages. What is most important for me is capturing the light and the colors imagined and real that one can only grasp from being physically at a site. Currently, I am exploring the idea of capturing an instant in time whether I am painting people or landscape scenes. While capturing the changing light and colors of a particular space and place is important to me like the French impressionist artists who painted scenes numerous times as the light changed, I am also interested in structure. The French artist Cezanne and the American artist Richard Diebenkorn and their notion of the flow of energy within space through color and structure have greatly influenced my work. As for my plein air paintings, I am interested in recording little known pictorial elements of the mountains and deserts of the southwest. Thus I seek out places and spaces that are not typical of southwest paintings, like oasis areas within the Arizona desert.

Painting for me is an adventure of finding ways to record moments in time in the life of nature and people.


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