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Kyle Castleberry


2810 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301

Unit C: Wilderness Art Studios

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It all started when I was 6 years old. I dreamed I was visited by a tiger outside my bedroom. This tiger stared deep into my eyes and I felt a level of terror Iv'e not known since. Then, she left me.  Almost 30 years later, in a plant medicine ceremony within a foreign jungle, she visited me again in a vision. This time, she approached me directly and opened her mouth. I stared inside the darkness of her throat, without fear, only deep curiosity. Within lied a golden orb with an electromagnetic field. At the time, I'd no idea what it was, only that afterwords I found myself trying to draw it and asking people if they recognized what it was. Within a week's time, it's mystery came flooding in all at once within a documentary; The entire first third of it dedicated exclusively to the form I was trying to desipher: a torus; the rudimentary energetic system of all organic life.  I haven't looked back.  I first began studying and exercising the 2D aspects of sacred geometry with compass and straight edge, then tried to create forms with popsicle sticks, then created more advanced schematics with color, then into lasers and crystals. 

In 2022 I embarked into a new medium, allowing me to explore in greater spacial depth the 3D relationships between perfect forms and how light interacts with them.  Sacred geometry is the intersection point between the language of form and the interior experience of somatic awareness, bridging the beautiful intellect of the ego-self with the unified field of consciousness that is the body and life itself. Sacred geometry isn't just FOR everyone, it IS everyone.

I teach sacred geometry classes at retreat events and to children at the Boulder School of Fine Arts.

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