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Barbara Carter

Photomontage, Painting/Pastel/Acrylic

2493 Powderhorn Ln, Boulder, CO 80305

Table Mesa to Lehigh to Bear Moutain Drive to Powderhorn.

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My most recent body of work represents an initial exploration of acrylic painting, after my previous portfolios of photomontage and pastel.  Always, my subject is the natural world. 

In this portfolio, the Boulder open space provided many possibilities to explore acrylic technique while enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.  Previous portfolios have been of Tuscany, Provence, New Mexico, and China.  

The natural world breaks through our small mind, our feelings of separateness, and our neurotic preoccupations.  In nature we are reminded of and reconnected with something vital, the profound wholeness that is our birthright.   

Landscape is the perennial subject matter of painting as we all want to be reminded of something larger, something perhaps even transcendent.  To gaze at landscape, in nature or in a piece of artwork hanging on a wall, settles us inside, brings forth inner peace and wellbeing, and for this and for so many other reasons, we are indebted to the natural world.   

All proceeds (after taxes) from my work will go to reducing climate change.

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