Monica Carroll

Longmont, CO

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My paintings spring from observation, perception, invention, memory, intuition and play. I work primarily in oil on canvas, drawing on memory, sketches and IPhone photos taken while exploring the world around me. Recently I have been reflecting on the way the IPhone and social media impact our memory and experience of a place and our connection to the environment. Some of the images here come from that exploration. I create a pigment print on paper by layering the original IPhone photo taken on site with the digital image of the large oil painting created in response to the experience of that place. I often respond to the resulting image with yet another layer of watercolor.  

I am also interested in the impact of social media on the creative process and aesthetic norms. Recent installations feature small 12 x 12 perceptual paintings installed in a framework mimicking the Instagram scroll. I am exploring the hand’s intuitive mark versus the digital image; the slow, perceptual experience of painting one object or scene versus quick digital digestion of an excess of images.


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