Monica Carroll

Longmont, CO

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My paintings and prints spring from observation, perception, invention, memory, intuition and play. Explorations of my natural surroundings on foot, skate or ski fuel much of the work. An exploration of materials is also central to my work: The eye and hand at play uncover layers and connections the conscious mind may not.

I am currently exploring the way Iphone and social media are changing the way we experience landscape. What are we losing and what are we gaining and how is digital media changing our relationship to the environment?

The material, methods and processes include oil paint on canvas, digital photography, pigment print on paper, and watercolor painting. What begins as a large oil painting created in response to a place evolves into a small work watercolor and inkjet work on paper. I weave and recycle printing, drawing and painting processes together until it is difficult to tell what was made when, which mark prompted the next—which areas are a record of making and which are unique physical marks.  The handmade mark, the printed version of the handmade mark, and the digital source all duel for status.

While this series began as an exploration of the way the iphone and social media are impacting the human experience of landscape and my own relationship to the environment --and to my studio practice, it has also evolved into an investigation of the ways that painting remains an art medium of great flexibility, absorbing material processes beyond paint, canvas and stretcher into its tradition. Slow perceptual painting and the digital snapshot shared on Instagram are two very different ways of seeing and of making. What new possibilities are possible while using both methods to explore making paintings about memories of the same place? What can I discover from the play of materials in this way?


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