Lancene Cadora

1585 Cress Crt, Boulder, CO 80304

Broadway to Norwood. East on Norwood to Cress Court. 1598 Cress is on SE corner of Norwood and Cress.

Why I paint? Interesting how that answer changes over the years. In the beginning, it was the excitement of a new discovery. I have appreciated art since I can remember. And was fortunate to be able to collect some favorite pieces over the years. But the practice of painting always seemed a luxury I could not afford. Until a few years ago I bought a favorite piece from an artist who became my teacher. She taught me a skill that brings me pleasure every day--to look until I could see and the more I look the more I see. There is always the looking and the seeing. And so much more to discover about painting. I like the adage that painting is a call and a response. The canvas will tell me the next move and my response creates another call. Also seems a good metaphor for life this "call and response."

As the years pass and I return again and again to the canvas, it still has the excitement of something new. There is an aliveness to the time spent in my own company.

Painting requires me to be present in the moment. I have found a new community in this painting world and I quite like it a lot.  My medium is acrylic mostly with a new interest in paint sticks. I am familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the medium.

I am grateful for this time of "luxury."


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