Lancene Cadora

Studio #52

1585 Cress Crt, Boulder, CO 80304

Broadway to Norwood. East on Norwood to Cress Court. 1598 Cress is on SE corner of Norwood and Cress.

Why I paint… To connect with the creative spirit, to feel alive, to feel the joy of discovering myself on the canvas, and experience color and friends. Painting is my concrete way to live in the moment. My intent (always good to have an intent) is to capture the moment, the thought, the pleasure and to also release it. Elusive but possible I feel. Having enjoyed art as an observer all my life, I have come late to painting as a participant. I am most grateful for this time of discovery, for the teachers willing to share, and for the desire to see more clearly.


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T: 303-444-1862

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