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Sophy Brown

Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

6880 Totara Pl, Longmont, CO 80503

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Imagine an alarmed horse with wild eyes and head held high. His haunches are bunched, his feet are already moving underneath him and every fiber is poised for an action yet to be decided upon. That moment of fully alert readiness is something we recognize in our blood, and bone. Using the horse as a subject, these paintings attempt to evoke an emotional recognition. Horses are instinctive in a physical way, they stand securely in their unique place in nature and can speak to us not only on an intellectual level but a visceral one and remind us of our own animal skin. Doesn’t all art in some way reveal something of it’s maker? In the space of my imagination the physical expressions displayed by horses relate directly to my own inner life. Its where my feelings live, and I see them all there. Along with this come all the considerations of painting; color, shape, materials and scale to name only a few. Finding a place where these things become integral to one another is a passionate experiment.

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