Natalie Brey

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media

4939 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

#58 - In the Crowd Collective, in teal warehouse directly across the parking lot behind Wapo's Mexican Restaurant. ADA access around back of warehouse.

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Art is the most consistent aspect of my life. No matter where the path leads me, I know I will always have my passion to paint. It is my escape from the mundane repetition of everyday life. Expressing creativity allows me the opportunity to show my audience what the world looks like through my eyes. Heartbreak, sadness, and angst as well as joy and satisfaction are a solid rotating premise for my work. Texture is a versatile technique and is a staple in every piece that I create. Using this addition leaves the door open to uniquely express every inspiration. Choosing the right color palette in my work is as important as the feeling behind my creation. 

Every piece I create tells a story; each one is a new chapter comparable to a writer’s novel. I compile the mood of each piece to express the exploration of my deepest desires, vulnerability and angst while allowing them to work together in a contradictory yet balanced composition. The final work portrays a congruent symmetry of such expressions When I create, I don’t start by clearing my head. Rather, I corral all aspects of my current state of mind and assign each emotion a role in the new creation. This is how a certain tool is employed, a color palette chosen, and what degree of texture is added.

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