Karen Breunig

Boulder, CO

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Primarily I am a painter. I work with acrylic, charcoal, oil stick and pastel. Sometimes I use Flashe. Occasionally I work in oil and collage. My work is provocative, sometimes poignant and mysterious, sometimes intense, disturbing or intriguing. These paintings challenge the viewer to engage by their visual assertiveness.

I have always been a storyteller. And human stories are what I am drawn to paint. They are about the search for home, the true self, intimacy and creativity. My work is full of images of questioning, searching, joy, vulnerability, loss and renewal, of the struggles we humans face to find meaning in our lives. This work pulls the viewer in by this commonality, these stories we all share.  

For me, the act of painting parallels these struggles. It is a metaphor for the human story, for the search for the true self. This keeps me painting every day.

Painting/Acrylic/Oil,Mixed Media

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