Helen Howe Braider

4939 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

The Crowd Collective # 58

As a sculptor, I have always been impatient with the picture plane but, as a painter, I am passionate about color. I love messing with the picture plane, both striving to create the illusion of depth with color and then adding wood, figures and odd items to the painting to create actual depth. I like drawing attention to the forgotten, the overlooked, like the odd scrap of old wood from a fallen tree, or a bone or shell from some creature gone. Landscape speaks to me of transitions, light to dark, growth to disintegration, cycles of change and the endless reach into the horizon you can never touch but always beckons you onward.  

In January 2019 I started down a new path with shaped panels. I have moved from the stable rectangle to the dynamism of irregular shapes. I attach different sizes of wood panels, sometimes leaving the wood bare in areas to remind the viewer of the actual background of the painting. I find these shapes have their own energy that I can play with using color. They have become more abstract but there are still hints of landscape, green just does speak of trees, and blue just does speak of sky. Pure geometric shapes with little or no color vibrate against the bright colors and the simple geometric forms. I also play with geometric forms like a spiral or circle often cracking them apart allowing the spaces between the fragments to speak time and space.

Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media

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