Helen Howe Braider

Studio #25

4739 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

The Crowd Collective

I love to walk the western landscape. Its openness invites the mind to reach far beyond the path I am following. It is a very real landscape with the hand of settlers and ranchers clearly visible, gates, fences, posts, tracks, sheds and shelters. But it is also a landscape that is changing constantly, fences falling, trees next to irrigations ditches dying and crumbling, sheds sagging. Still the dawn comes up, the storms roll through and the sunset closes the day. These are the constant times of transition and transformation.


In each of these pieces I am asking questions about what is here now for the viewer. By playing with perspective I am asking the viewer to explore the present but referencing the past and suggesting a future. What is right here right now, close by but also what is that that is far ahead? The now bumps into the past with the weather worn wood. It also opens up the future with the inset pieces. The inset pieces offer intervals, moments of silence, moments of reverie, moments of understanding. The intervals also reach into the future because first the viewer sees the whole, then studies what is framed beyond the picture plane.

Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media

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