Jessica Moon Bernstein

4871 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

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Using different artistic mediums to raise awareness of our planet's environmental challenges is the primary focus of most the artwork I create. 

Climate change, the waste stream, and endangered species are various subjects that influence my work. The human impact on our planet's environment is one of the most pressing issues of our time and can often invoke a sense of powerlessness, I confront these concerns through my art practice, addressing issues that our society tends to neglect or deny.  

My style is quite diverse, I work with a wide variety of materials including discarded plastic bags, punctured bicycle inner tubes, and melting ice. My most recent work involves cutting up discarded paper materials and older artworks from my archives to create 2D mixed media pieces, thus repurposing and recycling through my art process.  I hope to inspire and remind audiences of what we have as well as what we stand to lose if we do not take action.

Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Collage

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