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Dan Baumbach


1551 Norwood Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

From Norwood & Broadway go 2.5 blocks east, Studio is down wide drive, north side of street.

I think of my art the way I think of music.  When you listen to a beautiful piece of music, you’re pulled in by it.  You get quiet and allow the composer and musicians to take you for a beautiful ride.

I hope my photographs can affect you in a similar way; that they could pull you in, quiet you and transport you. Nature is a haven for many of us.  We spend some time in nature and our minds quiet down.  Our seemingly insurmountable problems aren’t so insurmountable.  We’re happy and joyful and quiet.

I love to wander around trails with my camera and tripod and try to capture essences of the nature experience.  They could be clouds, grass, leaves, cascades .…  I let my environment quiet my mind and I just respond.  When something grabs me I work to capture that experience in a photograph.Most of the time I’m not successful, but the experience of being outside and merging with my environment is enough. Two dimensional photographs are nothing like the 360 degree experience of being on a trail or sitting by a creek, but quietness is quietness.  Spend some time with my images and let them pull you in.

When our minds are quiet, we are happy and at peace.

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