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Kelly Bader


625 S 41st St, Boulder, CO 80305

Table Mesa & 41st St.

I grew up in Ohio on the Stillwater River. Huck Finn and I would’ve been best buddies! Rafting, canoeing, camping, building forts was my favorite pastime. I’ve lived in Boulder County for the past 30 years. I’ve always been artistic, mostly in interior design and fashion. My mother and my brother are both very talented artists.

About 4 years ago, with the gentle nudge from my husband, I picked up a paint brush and started creating the most colorful paintings. I had no idea this passion was hiding deep inside of me! But I am so glad I discovered it.

I live with my husband, Mike and our two fur babies Max and Penelope. All our children (3) have since flown the nest and created their own successful lives.

I love painting large and colorful pieces, but certainly not opposed to a smaller canvas. I took art lessons from a local Boulder artist and that helped me tremendously to understand the whole concept of color theory, mixing paints and how to not paint so “literally”. My favorite painting technique is with a palette knife; I love the way you can deposit large amounts of paint on the canvas so you can see each stroke and feel the texture.

Painting has become a serious passion of mine and I am always dreaming of what to create next. My inspiration comes from pretty much anything colorful. My painting style is mostly modernism, some abstract. My favorite subject is women; we’re just all so beautiful in our own special way and I love to express that with my paints. 

I’ve been commissioned to paint over 50 pieces in the past several years and the expression on the clients face as they unwrap their painting is the utmost rewarding thing to witness as an artist. I recently started painting on jean jackets (and other fabrics) to create wearable art. I only use up-cycled materials for this. I also paint furniture and transform it into a piece of art.  I celebrate all the amazing, bright colors in this world through acrylic paint. Maybe someday I can create something colorful for you!

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