Kelly Bader

Boulder, CO

I come from a family of artists and just recently discovered my talent and most importantly my passion. Two years ago I dabbled in acrylic paints and found I love painting very colorful pieces that brighten up my world. I started taking art classes from a local artist Jacque Malek and have grown immensely as an artist and still learning everyday. Wrapped canvas is my favorite with no frames. Acrylics are very forgiving so that’s why I love this medium. My favorite technique is using a palette knife, but still mastering that particular skill. I’ve sold 8 paintings so far and all the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The thrill of painting a piece as a gift is so energizing and the feedback is such a loving gift to me that I want to continue to create something everyday. Painting has become almost like a drug to me and I’m always dreaming of what next to paint. My inspiration comes from mostly anything colorful; the more color the more interesting the artist is to me. VOKA is one of my favorite artists and the way he paints is so mesmerizing! My favorite subject is famous people (or not) or musicians and painting in an abstract sort of way or taking a “drab” picture/painting and adding vibrant colors. I’ve just started attacking landscapes and want to “master” that type of painting; it seems to be a very popular subject.


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