Antonio Arrieta

Studio #117

8 Chesebro Way, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Located in Eldorado Springs Art Center

Born in Colombia, where I experienced a natural way of living. Appreciating the environment, the things around me - the tropical colors, the culture, the way of living, the carnival, the Caribbean life-style and other influences around me. The oceans, the music, the dance, the jungle, the mountains and much more, the happy life. These influences you can see in my art, in my work, for example in my colors, the study of colors the green, the red, the orange, the blue, yellow, brown. We see them, touch them and some times eat them. Those colors we see in nature - in many fruits and plants, animals, etc.


Traditionally some artists get inspired painting fruits and objects on a canvas, because of the colors - still life paintings. But now we live in modern times, things have changed to the point where the artist has to challenge himself with new techniques and and ideas. I have done some still life, but I created my own style - bodegones. Some of these paintings are very simple. I only incorporate a few elements and focus more on the main object, which is the main idea that I call, simply art. The bodegones also connect with my interior landscapes. Here I use more space to create another space of tranquility where all you feel is peace. I like to work with a technique where the colors have to be totally clean and uniform - very tedious work. The ideas of these paintings come from my experience of working toward perfectionism. It wasn't easy but with the help of my professors I was able to get ahead with this kind of style. I let my paintings talk for themselves. Art has its own language. The viewer is the one who interpreted the art. My intention is just to make a painting and make it the best I can. The scenery in my paintings come from real events. In my paintings, every picture tells the story.


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