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Tim Adams

Sculpture, Jewelry

570 Fountaintree Ln, Boulder, CO 80304

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Our extreme and challenging homesite, in the Fountain formation above Boulder, revealed itself to me early on to be a wonderland of multicolored lichen (the chartreuse, leprose textured lichen is my favorite) and magnificent rock (quartz, variegated hematite, sunbleached sandstone), with fascinating shapes and contrasts. The shades of color would change in beguiling ways as the day moved on and as light rain showers came.

In the months and years of digging trails, and mitigating pines and fir trees on our 45 degree slopes, I happened upon a magnificent discovery almost every day. It was a natural outcome for me to want to fashion some of the best pieces into static rock sculpture where nature has done most of the intricate carving, and into wearable jewelry, for people as well as beloved pets, to share with me this joy derived from natural beauty and discovery.

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