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Jonathan Froula Adams

Printmaking, Digital, Mixed Media

570 Fountaintree Lane, Boulder, CO, USA

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Jonathan Froula Adams is a painter and digital fine artist. He utilizes oil paints to create paintings with fantasy landscapes. He also creates images through his original digital programming. His current work on the series, Additive Line Field Fine Art Images, involves developing computer programs and math equations to create immersive visual images. This work displays a variety of appealing color presentations. A closer viewing reveals the intricate and beautiful lines in the work. The lines have a precise and well-placed layout. Color, line and movement are interwoven to create a captivating work of art.

Jonathan's work is available as giclée prints on a variety of supports, including metal, paper, canvas and glass. The files are sized to reproduce brilliantly in large formats for both residential and commercial installations. He has also published several collections of greeting cards.

Jonathan is the gallery manager for Barbara Froula Studio Gallery, where he has shown his work for several years. He is inpired by the surroundings of the Boulder studio, especially by the ever-changing cloudscapes.

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