Jessica Adams

Boulder, CO

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We do not live in a simple world. Yet lately I find myself spending so much time trying to put people, emotions and life into neat little logical boxes. My art has evolved over the years. And my current focus is that of contrast.  

I am exploring the contrast between my childhood experience of delight and wonder with my adult experience of focusing productivity, parenting and business, with my Touch and Feel Series. I remember the excitement that I felt as a child when I rubbed the soft fur in my little baby books. I remember that feeling today as if no time had passed.  

I also love the contrast of hard and soft. Like light and darkness, one cannot experience one without the other. The stronger the experience of softness the more one can experience hardness and visa versa. My art seeks to intensify experiences through the juxtaposition of incompatible materials.

And somehow, through the experience of contrast, I hope to create an imperceptible event, just intense enough that our busy minds are paused for a moment such that we can again experience the simple opening of wonder.

I will provide a setting in my studio where visitors would be able to choose from random materials to begin to experience the power of contrast for themselves. It would be focused on everyday materials that we all have access to so it would become clear that we are all artists if we are willing to begin seeing the world around us a little differently.

Sculpture/Metal, Mixed Media

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