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Cody Abshire

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

6168 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, CO, USA

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Born in Boulder CO, I have been an artist since I was young. I am inspired by color, nature and the stories in my head. I am very dyslexic- reading and writing are very difficult for me and have never been my tool for expressing myself. I use my paintings and drawings to tell my stories. My paintings are my way to express my thoughts and stories. I like to create' Zines' expressing a storyline though my drawings.  The metal signs that you see every day have become a canvas for my colorful pieces. I have also created my own method of painting in my outdoor studio. I have built a paint machine where the canvas's are strategically hung and placed on a structure. Recycled spray cans are positioned above or around the canvases. I get creative with the cans using a compound bow or bb gun to explode the cans, then moving the paint fluidly across the canvas. Some pieces become the background for a new image. Some are so beautiful they stand alone. This method also allows for endless opportunities for friends and clients to participate. I love to share my painting experience with people, especially kids. I teach painting, drawing and graffiti to kids and adults alike. Watching people learn to get out of their heads and let the ideas flow freely, breaking down boundaries brings me joy.

I have also found a new passion for expressing myself in leatherwork. I design everything from bags to jewlery, hats, dog collars and leashes, belts, wallets and endless custom requests. Art is my life and there are no limits to my methods, creativity and passion.

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