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Alice Renouf

Studio #43

1590 Violet Ave

Boulder, CO 80304


I grew up in the Chicago area but came to Boulder to attend CU where I was gobsmacked by the luminescence and transcendent beauty of the mountains. When I started painting with Jacque Michelle’s art class years ago it was no wonder that mountains and Colorado landscapes were my preferred subjects though I love to play with other mediums and subject matter.

My parents met in art school in Chicago and my father became a professional portrait painter. My sister also painted and mom bathed her walls with art so I grew up surrounded by fine art. As I neared retirement age on a whim I decided to start taking art classes. Smart move!

I have exhibited paintings in galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and museums throughout Boulder and surrounding towns and many of the exhibits have been juried. In 2017 I was enormously pleased to be selected as a Jury Panelist for Boulder Arts Commission as a reader for all art grants submitted to the city that year. It was an epic undertaking but helped me to understand and empathize more about the process that artists go through to become established and how difficult it is to become financially self-sustaining as an artist.

Since I started painting I have become a member of: The Denver Art Museum, NOBO Art District, Louisville Art Association, BMOCA, Boulder Arts Association, and Boulder County Arts Alliance. But most of all I am honored to be a co-founder in 2016 of Girl Painters West with Jacque Michelle, Penny Peterson and Laurie Donlon.

I am currently working on an art exhibition in Kunming, China, November, 2018 for Boulder/Denver women acrylic landscape artists for a juried show and then we will host Chinese women artist from Kunming, China in the Boulder Denver area in 2019. The Denver Art Museum and Denver Kunming Sister Cities are helping me organize this exhibit. Since my academic background was in China studies and I have run an educational businesses in China for over 40 years I thought it would be very exciting to cross fertilize different cultural perspectives focusing on landscape painting.

In this high tech saturated, split-second age I find myself feeling fragmented at times so there is nothing more fulfilling than to spend time focusing on just one thing---the canvas in front of me. Creating a painting is a lengthy, challenging process of trial, error and experimentation in order to find the right coloration and creative spark. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but you are always in the process of learning and hopefully creating something of beauty or interest. When painting I am living in the moment----how often can one say that. The process calms the nerves by de-cluttering the mind and letting the heart and hand become the masters of the moment. Being a painter has been a life-affirming, inspirational, totally enriching, disciplining and usually mystifying endeavor. Putting acrylic paint on a brush or palette knife and watch it crush a canvas with intoxicating colors and eye-popping beauty can be a defining “EUREKA” moment in my life. It is amazing what the mind and heart can produce when let free to wonder over a canvas. I LOVE to paint.

BMOCA-Open Wall
Boulder Public Library-OSMP juried show. My painting was selected to be made into a greeting card for staff and OSMP volunteers
Louisville Public Library
Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery
Hyatt House & BAA-Juried Show
Ace Gallery
Rocky Mt. Music---NOBO Show
Christ Gallery--NOBO Show
Bread works
Vics Coffee Shops
Logan's Coffee Shop
Morning Glory Restaurant

Acrylic Painting


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